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About Aussie Rules Football in Western Australia

If you want to know all about AFL rules, administration, and history, then check out the official AFL website.

AFL in WA dates all the way back to 1881 (yes, as long as that). Back then rugby was the dominant sport inherited from the Poms.

Originally only one seniour Aussie rules football club existed, called Unions. A second club Swans was established two years later, but it was still very quiet on the WA footy front due to such a small population.

In 1985 the leading rugby club in Freo decided Aussie Rules were the way to go, so they dumped the rugby rulebook and fully embraced AFL.

A few other teams arose, some short lived, and the first ever official(ish) Western Australian Football Association (WAFA) premiership took place.

After 25 years, in 1906, there were six teams in WA - Perth, North Freo, South Freo, West Perth, East Perth, Subiaco, and Midland Junction. These six teams paved the way for what officially became the West Australian Football League (WAFL) ~ pronounced "waffle" ~ in 1908.

That said, between 1932 and 1980, it was harder to pronounce as "waffle" as the South Australian National Football League (SANFL) caused us to adopt the N and become WANFL.

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